Career Planning

Have you ever wondered why some people are more successful than others? The answer is: they chose the right career and to choose the right career, proper planning is required.

Career Planning is a well defined documents of guidance for students and it is done with the objective of “Help the People find their Passion”, choose the right career options and most suitable discipline of profession matching your aptitude, Interest and personality to become most successful person in your life.

Career Planning incorporates short-term and long-term career goals, personal goals and constraints. You don't always have control over outside factors such as health and family issues, but as far as possible, your planning process should incorporate the following stages:

  • Assess your skills, knowledge, values, constraints and interests
  • Identify which new skills and knowledge you want to develop
  • Formulate a career action plan with all possibility.
  • Check the careers action plan for realism

Career Plan would include all the information needed for the clients to choose and groom their career from the beginning. For e.g. if the scoring of the Aptitude tests of the clients shows up with medical field, in music, art, etc fields to choose in, then the career plan will include all the required details of how to get into medical field, what are the entrance exams to be prepared for it, at what stages, from where, which colleges he/she can avail admissions, job opportunities etc.

More on Career Planning

Deciding on a career is easy for some people and hard for some, but planning can help make it easier. The first part of planning can help you decide on career options, and then the rest can help you achieve the career goals you set after making the decision.
But the very first step in the decision process is to know yourself.
Know what you are interested in. “Do you love to solve math equations or write stories, study biology or paint?” Beyond knowing what you are fascinated by, you need to evaluate your skills. Include both your academic strengths and others like athletics and communication. “Could you work in a cubicle or do you need to be outdoors? Do you prefer working by yourself or in a team? What sort of pace is best for you: slow, moderate, fast or frenzied?”
We, at Pathway offer career assessment tests and for that we use a unique tool called ‘Mindsmarts’. It basically asks the students all sorts of questions in order to analyze their interests, abilities, potentials and strengths. Then we provide with a list of possible careers to pursue. We have a Career Guidance & Counseling session with the student and the parents and leave them to decide giving all the pros and cons of the options provided.
Once the Career option has been chosen by the student then we do the Career Planning of the student. It is a booklet which provides guidelines to students starting from the stream/group to choose, list of coaching institutes, list of colleges/universities, list of entrance exams to appear for the same, scope of course chosen and remuneration.

Starting over or refocusing

If you are already mid-career, but seeking to make a career change you should go through a slightly different process.
The first step is to know yourself, but at a midpoint in your career there are other questions that need to be answered. What things have you liked about your career so far? Working alone, or in a team? Do you like being in charge or being left alone? What paced environment do you need? At this point you will also have to make decisions based partly on income needs as well. Do you have family to support? House payments or other large bills? What skills have helped make you successful to this point? Are you a persuasive speaker or a peacemaker at work? Do you have a head for great ideas, or for laying out the plans to make them reality? Soliciting help from a Career Counselor may also help you through this process. Before making a career change, try talking to people in the field you want to pursue. A switch will take hard work and time, but after making your decision and mapping a plan to get there it is possible.